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Step-by-Step Guide: Casting Hotstar on Your Smart TV


We always consider spending our off days at home by choosing to binge-watch our favorite shows or movies. Nowadays there are plenty of platforms to stream TV shows, live sports, and movies, and we will dive deep into Hotstar, a platform with a variety of content and popularity, including live TV & sports events, TV series, and films. It is a free-to-use service available on iOS and Android OS devices.

Meanwhile, in India, there are almost 300M active consumers of Hotstar, this is the prime reason for its fame and it has become the most popular streaming platform around the globe.

However, other platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu in India, are also used as secondary mediums to enjoy our favorite content. Hotstar includes dubbed movies, TV series, the latest release, and Hotstar specials.

Besides, if you are a citizen of the USA, it might be problematic for you to get Hotstar’s content library due to the geo-restrictions. But not to fret! In this blog, we will back up you on how to watch Hotstar in the USA.

Before reading the guide, there are some major things you need, to cast Hotstar on your smart TV:

  • A built-in Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV stick on your smart TV
  • Get a Subscription to Hotstar (can be VIP or Premium)
  • A reliable, home, and robust Internet connection.

Let’s jump to the steps:

Step 1

The initial crucial thing you need to do is place Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV stick into the HDMI port of your smart television. Joined the power cable to the Chromecast or Fire TV stick and plugged it into the way out. And a free tip, if you have linked up Chromecast, make sure it is connected to a very similar wifi as your device (phone or laptop).

Step 2

After finishing step 1, the next action you must perform is to download the Hotstar app on your device if you don’t have it before. It is readily available and can be installed from the Apple Store or Google Play Store on your smart mobile or laptop device. You can go to the official website directly if you are employing a laptop.

Step 3

The next step is to launch the application (Hotstar) that you download earlier, on your phone or laptop after installing the app. Using your credentials, create an account by clicking on the sign-in button Hotstar. Make sure that your credentials are not in the knowledge of others; otherwise, there may be a possibility of stealing your account or setting alters that may happen by someone else. And now further steps are effortless from here.

Step 4

Now, the preferences of the content is the next step. Search the content library on Hotstar and opt for the content you desire to cast on your smart TV. After selecting the TV shows of your interest, press the “Cast” button on the top right side of the page on the application. Moreover, you can modify or switch your likes and dislikes stuff later, which is an exceptional feature for people who change their minds frequently.

Step 5

After casting and adding the content, the application will mechanically search the availability of options like Chromecast or Fire TV stick linked to your wifi network. Press the option that suits you better from Chromecast or Fire TV stick. In addition, people usually use Chromecast for casting Hotstar on smart TVs.

Step 6

Following step 5, in this last step, begin casting; once you’ve made up your mind by deciding on your devices, in case Chromecast or Fire TV stick, the casting of movies and series will appear to launch on your smart TV via the Hotstar application. You can also take advantage of features like, control over the playback using your device (smartphone or laptop).

Tips and guidelines to cast Hotstar on your Smart TV

It is always reminded to take a safe route before doing anything new for the first time. Following are some prime instructions that need to be tracked.

  1. Always use a reliable WiFi connection. Because the application needs a flash fast speed and robust network for casting on your smart TV, ensure that internet signals are strong to escape barriers like buffering and lagging.
  2. Upgrade Hotstar subscription plans; by owning a VIP plan, you can dive into only Indian content. If you require permission to diversify content, try to update your subscription from standard to premium; it will permit you to have all the premium content of Hollywood.
  3. If you want to watch the application outside India, then it is mandatory to access a VPN. Due to geo-restriction, Hotstar shows and movies can’t be watched. You can turn your IP address to India with the assistance of a good VPN, which will allow you to own Hotstar’s shows globally.


In conclusion, all thanks to Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV stick gadgets, that sorted out an easy and up-front solution to cast the Hotstar on smart TV. Following a few steps, you can have a fun Sunday while enjoying a comprehensive library of series, movies, and live sports on your large screen.

And never let geo-restriction cease you from enjoying your fantastic shows on Hotstar wherever you reside just change your IP address through VPN, and you will be good to go with the flow. The above steps and instructions and begin casting Hotstar on your smart TV today!



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