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Streaming vs Physical Media; The Ultimate Showdown for Entertainment Dominance

If there is anything that has never faced a decline even in the hardest of times, then it is the Entertainment industry. Fluctuation is a part of every sector, it is bound to encounter lows in the path. But as for the entertainment, the audience has never fallen short of it.

The constant supply of shows and movies has successfully hooked the audience to their seats in almost every age. The only change that has happened over time is the way we consume entertainment. TV and DVDs are replaced by streaming or digital platforms.

The debate over physical media and digital media is as old as, Dinosaur. Yes, it is! We are certainly not the only ones who brought this topic up for the first time. But, the thing is this heatable debate is still debatable even after a decade. And the reason why we are still discussing it.

Is seemingly the element that we, the audience feel is missing. Things have become much more handy and easy to access. But amid all this respite, there is a void that is yet to be filled. Like a patient who can’t tell his doctor where it hurts, only that it does. Similarly, with all the advancements, people are still yearning for something incomprehensible.

And that could be easily the era, we miss, which certainly was not that luxurious. This tenure of digital platforms, With plenty of streaming platforms, was initiated by Netflix, the current giant in the digital entertainment industry.  Following the footsteps of it, platforms like Hulu and Amazon came into existence.

And the craze of it is palpable, as Hulu, is a restricted site for now in certain regions. Is still used across the globe. Like Hulu in India. Who would have thought that you could smoothly land into the forbidden land of entertainment by crossing the border while lying on the couch?

To be honest, if we look 30 years back from now, we all must have wanted the same refinements in the industry to happen. But now, after gaining that, we are still hungering, but for the things, we used to have.

Ah! This dilemma is never ceasing, but all we can do is to pinpoint where the things exactly lack. And what can benefit you even in the digital era. So, hop on with us on the ride back and forth of nostalgia. And scrutinize the advancements, and analyze if they have made our lives easier or just more in trouble. 

Preservation is at Brink

If not on anything, then we all can unanimously agree on the point that art should be preserved at every cost. As we are just headed into more and more technology and improvements, we all must be served with the greatest way to secure the content and the masterpieces.

But instead, all we got is the extinction of content. streaming platforms, that are flooded with original or short content, which is truly remarkable. But what to do if you can’t just preserve it through DVDs and CDs. no physical copies, nothing.

Smooth Internet Connect is a Luxury Most Don’t Have

To binge-watch a streaming library, you are not just relying on your devices, but also on the internet. And the Internet my friend is the second most unreliable thing you can ever have. Your ex remains in the first spot. Okay, don’t get started! We all know that streaming platforms do have an option to download content beforehand.

But let’s be fair, have you ever used it? Like, do you know when your internet is gonna play dirty and ditch you at the interesting point? Leaving you all in anguish and despair, regretting that, only if I had listened to my instincts and downloaded the content. Even if you download the content by God’s will, then they have an expiry date mate.

But you know what doesn’t expire? The CDs from my father’s collection, that age more than me. And still have a guaranteed longer lifespan than me.

Occupying Space, Still Better Than Running Outta Space

The physical media takes room in your space, but it can give an aesthetic look, only if you know how to flaunt your collection cleverly. Otherwise, even we can’t save you, it’s a mess. But the quality of audio and video of these is still better than most of the so-called 4k streaming quality, that some platforms offer.

The Complimentary Features

Do you miss the bloopers of the movie or your favorite shows? Along with hilarious commentary that keeps you laughing and cringing out at the same time? The behind-the-scenes are something we all crave for. And this very thing is distorted with the streaming platforms.

To get the side heartwarming stuff related to your favorite content, you need to put your detective hat on. And dig through the mud of social media. Why this seemingly relaxing era is costing us mental exhaustion? Well, scouring through the vast media is no less than torture.

 Wrapping Up

The debate will remain a debate until the blind followers of streaming platforms keep banging their heads on a wall. Call us from the old school of thought. Though the streaming is all glittery but not gold. Nevertheless, with a few refinements, it has the potential to completely overtake the throne.



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