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10 best places to visit with family in pakistan

10 best places Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that offers a diverse range of tourist attractions, catering to families of all interests. From breathtaking mountain landscapes to serene valleys and vibrant cultural hubs, Pakistan has something for everyone. If you’re planning a family trip to this incredible country, here are 10 must-visit destinations that promise an unforgettable experience. Travelcon, one of the best car rental companies, offers you car rental and tour services in Pakistan to make your journey even more convenient and enjoyable.

The majestic mountains of Naran:

In the northern part of Pakistan lies the majestic town of Naran, nestled in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This picturesque town is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, dominated by the snow-capped peaks of the majestic Himalayas. The awe-inspiring sight of these towering mountains, reaching towards the heavens, leaves visitors in awe. Naran’s captivating beauty has made it a popular destination for tourists seeking adventure, tranquillity, and a chance to reconnect with nature.

Surrounded by lush green forests, Naran offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The verdant landscapes provide a refreshing contrast to the towering mountains, creating a harmonious blend of nature’s elements. As you stroll through the town, you’ll be captivated by the symphony of birdsong and the gentle rustling of leaves, creating a symphony of tranquillity. The fresh mountain air invigorates the senses, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.

Naran is not just a visual treat; it also offers a wealth of activities for adventure enthusiasts. Trekking and hiking trails wind through the lush forests, leading to hidden waterfalls and panoramic viewpoints. For those seeking a more relaxed experience, camping under the starlit sky is an unforgettable way to immerse oneself in nature’s embrace. Naran is truly a paradise for nature lovers, offering a perfect blend of scenic beauty and exciting activities, making it an ideal destination for families seeking an unforgettable vacation.

Explore the enchanting fairy meadows:

The Fairy Meadows are a must-see for anyone visiting Pakistan. This stunning natural area is home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world, including lush green meadows, towering mountains, and cascading waterfalls. Visitors can hike through the scenic trails, take in the views of Nanga Parbat, and indulge in local delicacies.

The meadows are located in the heart of the Himalayas, at an altitude of over 3,000 meters. The best time to visit is during the summer months, when the weather is mild and the flowers are in bloom’s. However, the meadows are also beautiful in the winter, when they are covered in snow.

There are many different ways to enjoy the Fairy Meadows. Visitors can hike through the meadows, go horseback riding, or even paraglide. There are also several camping sites located in the meadows, where visitors can spend the night and enjoy the stars.

No matter how you choose to spend your time in the Fairy Meadows, you are sure to be amazed by the beauty of this natural wonder. It is truly a place that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Discover the hidden gem of Skardu:

Skardu is a hidden gem in Pakistan that offers stunning scenery, rich culture, and exciting activities for families. Nestled in the majestic Karakoram mountain range, Skardu is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. The city is home to the world’s second-highest mountain peak, K2, which towers over the landscape with its awe-inspiring beauty. Visitors can take in breathtaking views of K2 from various vantage points, including the Skardu Fort and the Shangrila Resort.

The Shangrila Resort is a luxurious accommodation nestled amidst the mountains, offering a range of adventure activities such as hiking, trekking, and mountain climbing. Families can enjoy a comfortable stay in the resort’s well-appointed rooms and indulge in delicious local cuisine at its restaurants.

The Skardu Fort, perched atop a hill overlooking the city, offers a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage. This ancient fort, with its imposing walls and grand architecture, provides a fascinating insight into the history and traditions of the region. Visitors can explore the fort’s various chambers, admire its intricate carvings, and learn about the battles and conquests that took place within its walls.

The Kachura Lake, located just a short distance from Skardu, is a popular spot for boating and fishing. Families can enjoy a leisurely boat ride on the lake’s tranquil waters, surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery. The lake is also home to a variety of fish species, making it a favorite destination for anglers.

The Shigar Valley, located near Skardu, is famous for its lush fruit orchards, traditional handicrafts, and ancient rock carvings. Families can take a scenic drive through the valley, admiring the vibrant orchards and charming villages. They can also visit local craft shops to purchase unique souvenirs and learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage. The ancient rock carvings in the valley, dating back thousands of years, offer a glimpse into the region’s fascinating history.

Witness the natural beauty of Hunza Valley:

In the heart of the majestic Karakoram mountain range, lies a place of breathtaking beauty and captivating charm – the Hunza Valley. This enchanting valley, nestled in the northern region of Pakistan, beckons nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those yearning for cultural immersion.

Hunza Valley is a visual symphony, where towering snow-capped peaks pierce the azure sky, lush green meadows unfurl like emerald carpets, and cascading waterfalls serenade the senses. This breathtaking landscape is adorned with ancient villages and historical sites, each whispering tales of a rich cultural heritage.

Journey through time as you explore the Altit and Baltit Forts, architectural marvels that stand as testaments to the valley’s glorious past. These ancient fortresses, once the seats of power for the region’s rulers, now offer a glimpse into their lives and provide unparalleled panoramic views of the surrounding splendour.

Embark on a drive along the legendary Karakoram Highway, a road that winds its way through the valley, unveiling mesmerising vistas at every turn. Towering mountains, deep gorges, and rushing rivers create a symphony of nature’s grandeur. This scenic route leads to the awe-inspiring Attabad Lake, formed by a majestic landslide in 2010.

Attabad Lake is a surreal sight, where crystal-clear waters reflect the surrounding mountains, creating a mirror-like effect that is simply breathtaking. Enjoy a serene boat ride on the lake, allowing the tranquil beauty to wash over you. Anglers can indulge in the thrill of fishing, attempting to catch the elusive local fish species that inhabit these waters.

Hunza Valley is not just a place of extraordinary beauty; it is also a haven of warm hospitality and rich cultural traditions. The locals, known for their friendly nature and welcoming spirit, are eager to share their heritage and traditions with visitors. Experience the vibrant local markets, savor the delectable cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of traditional music and dances.

Whether you seek an adrenaline rush through adventure sports, find solace in the tranquility of nature, or yearn to delve into the depths of cultural exploration, Hunza Valley promises an unforgettable experience. From the soaring mountain peaks to the serene lake waters, this enchanting valley holds a myriad of treasures, waiting to be discovered and cherished.

Embrace the rich culture of Lahore:

Lahore, the capital of Punjab province, is steeped in history and culture. It is the second-largest city in Pakistan and is known for its Mughal-era architecture, vibrant bazaars, and delicious cuisine. The city is home to numerous historical sites, including the Lahore Fort, the Walled City, the Badshahi Mosque, and the Shalimar Gardens. Visitors can explore the narrow streets of the Walled City, admire the grandeur of the Lahore Fort, and marvel at the intricate details of the Badshahi Mosque. The Shalimar Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a beautiful Mughal-era garden complex that offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Lahore is also renowned for its vibrant bazaars, where visitors can find everything from traditional clothing and jewelry to spices and local delicacies. The Anarkali Bazaar is a popular shopping destination, known for its colorful fabrics and traditional Pakistani clothing. The Food Street is a must-visit for those who want to sample Lahore’s diverse cuisine, from traditional Pakistani dishes to international fare.

The city is also home to several museums and art galleries, including the Lahore Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts from the Gandhara civilization to the Mughal era. The National College of Arts offers a platform for contemporary art exhibitions and cultural events. Lahore is a city that truly comes alive at night, with its bustling food streets, lively music scene, and vibrant cultural performances. From traditional qawwali music to contemporary theater productions, there is something for everyone in Lahore.

Lahore’s rich culture and history are reflected in its cuisine, which is a blend of Mughal, Punjabi, and Central Asian influences. Some of the must-try dishes include nihari, a slow-cooked beef stew, and biryani, a fragrant rice dish with meat or vegetables. Lahore is also famous for its desserts, such as kulfi, a traditional ice cream, and jalebi, a sweet fried dough.

Whether you are interested in history, architecture, food, or culture, Lahore has something to offer everyone. It is a city that will leave you enchanted with its rich heritage and warm hospitality.


Kashmir, known as the “Paradise on Earth,” is a beautiful place to visit with family. The region is home to majestic snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, and crystal-clear lakes. Visitors can stay in traditional houseboats on Dal Lake, explore Mughal-era gardens and iconic landmarks, and indulge in local delicacies.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Kashmir is Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar is known for its beautiful lakes, gardens, and mosques. Visitors can take a shikara ride on Dal Lake, visit the Shalimar Bagh Mughal Gardens, or explore the historic Hari Parbat Fort.

Another popular destination in Kashmir is Gulmarg, a hill station located in the Pir Panjal Range. Gulmarg is known for its beautiful meadows, forests, and golf courses. Visitors can enjoy a gondola ride to the top of Apharwat Peak, go horseback riding, or take a walk through the picturesque Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve.

Pahalgam is another beautiful hill station located in Kashmir. Pahalgam is known for its lush green valleys, crystal-clear streams, and towering mountains. Visitors can enjoy a pony ride to the Baisaran Valley, go fishing in the Lidder River, or take a hike to the Tulian Lake.

Kashmir is a truly special place that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or an adventure-filled getaway, Kashmir is the perfect destination for your next family trip.


Swat is a must-visit destination for families, offering stunning scenery, historical attractions, and plenty of outdoor activities. The valley is renowned for its natural beauty, with lush green meadows, towering mountains, and cascading waterfalls. Families can enjoy hiking, camping, fishing, and boating in the region’s many scenic spots.

Swat is also home to several historical and cultural attractions. The region was once a center of Buddhist learning and culture, and visitors can explore ancient ruins, stupas, and monasteries. The valley is also home to several forts and palaces, including the famous Bala Hissar Fort, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

In addition to its natural and historical attractions, Swat also offers a variety of family-friendly activities. Families can visit the local markets and bazaars, sample the delicious local cuisine, and enjoy traditional music and dance performances. The valley is also home to several amusement parks and water parks, providing entertainment for children of all ages.

One of the best ways to experience Swat is by taking a leisurely drive along the Swat River. This scenic route winds through the valley, passing by picturesque villages, orchards, and fields. Families can stop along the way to admire the stunning scenery, take a dip in the river, or enjoy a picnic lunch.

Swat is truly a special place that offers something for everyone. With its stunning natural beauty, rich history, and variety of family-friendly activities, it is the perfect destination for a memorable family vacation.


Murree, a haven of natural beauty, rich history, and family-friendly attractions. Murree’s allure lies in its picturesque landscapes, colonial charm, and invigorating climate, making it an ideal destination for families seeking a memorable vacation.

The town’s natural splendor unfolds in a tapestry of verdant hills, towering peaks, and tranquil valleys. Families can embark on scenic hikes, immersing themselves in panoramic vistas of the breathtaking surroundings. A unique experience awaits at the Patriata Chairlift, where visitors soar above the treetops, capturing breathtaking views of Murree’s natural canvas.

Murree’s historical charm emanates from its colonial past, evident in architectural marvels like the colonial-era churches, the prestigious Lawrence College, and the bustling Mall Road. This pedestrian thoroughfare comes alive in the evening, transforming into a vibrant hub of street performers, local artisans, and delectable food stalls. Families can relish horse-drawn carriage rides, explore bustling markets, or simply unwind in serene parks and gardens.

For adventure enthusiasts, Murree offers an array of thrilling activities. Hiking trails beckon nature lovers to explore the region’s diverse flora and fauna, while paragliding and mountain climbing provide adrenaline rushes against the backdrop of stunning landscapes.

Murree’s cultural heritage is showcased in museums like the Kashmir Museum, where families can delve into the region’s rich history and gain insights into the lives of the local people.

Murree serves as a gateway to nearby attractions, including the Ayubia National Park, a haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts, and the picturesque hill station of Nathiagali, offering panoramic vistas and outdoor adventures.

Murree promises an unforgettable family vacation, blending natural wonders, historical charm, and exciting activities. Its pleasant climate, stunning scenery, and abundance of attractions cater to families of all ages, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience in this enchanting hill station.

Umbrella Waterfall:

Umbrella waterfall is a mesmerizing natural wonder located in the Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. This captivating waterfall is aptly named for its unique shape, which resembles an umbrella when viewed from a distance. Surrounded by lush green forests and towering mountains, the Umbrella Waterfall offers a breathtaking spectacle that is perfect for a family day trip.

Easily accessible by road, the Umbrella Waterfall is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. The best time to visit this natural wonder is during the monsoon season (July-September) when the water flow is at its peak, creating a mesmerizing cascade that plunges down the mountainside. The surrounding forests provide a tranquil ambiance, making it an ideal spot for picnics and nature walks.

Families can embark on a leisurely hike through the scenic trails that lead to the waterfall, enjoying the fresh mountain air and the symphony of birdsong. The path to the waterfall is well-marked and suitable for visitors of all ages, making it a safe and enjoyable adventure for the entire family.

Upon reaching the base of the waterfall, visitors are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the cascading water. The force of the water creates a fine mist that refreshes the senses, while the sound of the waterfall provides a soothing backdrop. Families can spend hours marveling at the beauty of nature and capturing memorable moments with photographs.

The Umbrella Waterfall is a true gem of Pakistan’s natural heritage, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for families seeking adventure and relaxation. With its stunning scenery, easy accessibility, and family-friendly atmosphere, this natural wonder is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the wonders of Pakistan.

Khanpur Dam:

Khanpur Dam is a renowned tourist attraction in Pakistan, captivating visitors with its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. Situated near Haripur in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, this gravity dam stands tall on the Haro River, contributing significantly to the region’s power generation and irrigation needs. Completed in 1983, the dam boasts an impressive height of 160 feet and stretches over a remarkable length of 3,937 feet. Its grandeur is further enhanced by the mesmerizing Khanpur Lake, a reservoir formed by the dam that beckons nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

Beyond its practical significance, the Khanpur Dam has emerged as a popular destination for families seeking a memorable day out. The serene surroundings, enveloped by lush greenery and majestic mountains, provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can embark on leisurely strolls along the dam’s periphery, taking in the breathtaking vistas of the lake and the surrounding landscape. For those seeking a more active experience, the dam offers exciting water sports, including swimming, boating, and fishing.

Swimming enthusiasts can plunge into the refreshing waters of Khanpur Lake, reveling in the invigorating experience. The lake’s crystal-clear waters and picturesque backdrop create an idyllic setting for a rejuvenating swim. For those seeking a more leisurely activity, boating excursions provide an opportunity to explore the lake’s tranquil expanse, offering panoramic views of the dam and the surrounding mountains. Anglers, on the other hand, can indulge in their passion by casting their lines in the lake’s well-stocked waters, hoping to catch a variety of fish species.

The Khanpur Dam also serves as an educational hub, offering visitors valuable insights into the significance of water resources and hydroelectric power generation. Guided tours are available, allowing visitors to delve into the engineering marvels of the dam and learn about its vital role in supporting the region’s agricultural and industrial sectors. Interactive displays and educational exhibits further enhance the learning experience, making the Khanpur Dam an ideal destination for families seeking a blend of recreation and knowledge.

Overall, the Khanpur Dam offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, recreational activities, and educational opportunities, making it a must-visit destination for families seeking an unforgettable experience in Pakistan.


In conclusion, Pakistan boasts an array of spectacular destinations that cater to families seeking unforgettable experiences. From the majestic mountains of Naran to the enchanting Fairy Meadows, the hidden gem of Skardu, and the mesmerizing beauty of the Hunza Valley, Pakistan offers a diverse range of natural wonders waiting to be explored.

Additionally, cultural hubs like Lahore provide insight into the rich heritage of the region, while destinations like Kashmir, Swat, Murree, Umbrella Waterfall, and Khanpur Dam offer ample opportunities for relaxation, adventure, and educational exploration. With its stunning landscapes, warm hospitality, and plethora of attractions, Pakistan truly stands as a remarkable destination for family vacations. So pack your bags, embark on an adventure, and create lasting memories in this captivating country.



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