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Printed Cotton Sarees: The Hottest Trends and Designs for 2024

Printed Cotton Sarees

Summary: If you want to rock this summer with printed cotton sarees, then you should read this detailed article. We will talk about fun prints, chic patterns and more!

Summers have never been so stylish but this year, it will be. Because we will help you up your fashion game like never before. And do not worry, we are not asking you to drape uncomfortable fabrics in the scorching heat. The humble cotton saree has managed to lure everyone out there. From celebrities to Instagram influencers, block printed cotton sareesare literally for everyone.

And the best part is that you can now purchase handblock printed sarees without having to step out! There are so many boutique stores that sell printed silk sarees online as well as cotton sarees. No matter what your choice is, there are options to purchase them just with the help of a few clicks.

The Latest Styles and Block Printed Cotton Saree Prints You Need to Know

Before we get into the nitty gritty detail, let us talk about some experimental prints that you should look out for in Bengal cotton sarees to rock the 2024 summers:

The Quirky Horse Handblock Prints:

A classic pick for this summer! Pick a Begumpuri cotton saree in white with sleek black borders and fun horse prints. From going for brunch with your girlies to attending a Saturday night house party, you can do it all in this one. There are boutique stores that sell these unique prints at the most affordable price. Now that the summer is here, why don’t you just stock up?

Styling tips: Wear it with a bright yellow blouse and silver jewellery. The lightweight fabric and versatile print are bound to fetch you compliments.

Owl Print for a Night Owl Like You:

It doesn’t matter if you are a baby boomer or belong to the Gen Z generation, you can never go wrong with the Lokkhi Pyancha aka owl-printed Begumpur Cotton. It will also remind you of your sleepless nights!! Just kidding. Whether it is a client meet, a coffee date, an event at the office or a traditional affair, this one will never fail to impress! For instance, Dora By Phoenix has this print in a beautiful white and green combination with a red border just to add the right amount of jazz! Their boutique sarees in Kolkata are insta-favourite and happily adorned by celebrities like Swastika Mukherjee, Paoli Dam, Mamata Shankar, Bibriti Chatterjee and many more. These sarees mirror the ideal mix of style and solace. If you are a fashion enthusiast, then this one deserves to be there in your closet.

Styling tips: You can pair it up with a Kalamkari blouse and light silver jewellery. For a fushion twist (Depending on where you are going), you can even style it with a crop top and a bright pop of colour on the lips.

Summery Watermelon Prints:

Get a watermelon printed saree that are available in the most luxurious Chanderi fabric! The lightweight weave will make you feel extremely comfortable no matter how much the temperature rises. This classic choice is perfect for the Pujas as well as fun summer days!

Styling tips: Go all out traditional with your kohl-rimmed eyes and red pout or for a laid-back look, opt for nude makeup.

Chevron Prints:

If you are a Chevron lover, then a comfy saree with Chevron prints must make it to your closet. A combination of red, white and black would just be perfect for the same.

Styling tips: Pair it up with a red or black sleeveless blouse and silver jhumkas!

Puppy-Printed Picks for a Dog Lover:

Does cute little puppies bring an instant smile on your face? If yes, then the one with cute little puppies printed all over it must catch your eye. Get your hands on Dhonekali sarees with this print because the comfort they come with is unparallel. You will come across this cute print in the most lightweight fabric while doing online saree shopping in Kolkata.

Cup Cake Prints for the Dessert Lover in You:

We all love to dress up for our girlfriend dates, don’t we? Or if you are someone who loves her desserts, then look like one by draping a cupcake-themed saree. This one is just perfect for breakfast dates as well. Trust us, you cannot go wronges with this one. For this, we suggest you look for some fun colours like pinks and greens.

Styling tips: Let the saree do all the talking and keep it simple.

Savouring Nostalgia with Oreo Prints:

Childhood brings back fun memories. From plying with our cousins in the afternoon to yummy food such as jams, jellies and ofcourse, Oreos! Revive your memories by opting for an Oreo printed saree. You can purchase these bengal cotton sarees at a reasonable price from online boutique stores which prioritise both style and comfort and offer authentic pieces.

Styling tips: Keep it basic by styling it with a noodle strap blouse, silver bangles and a nice watch.

As we embrace the hottest trends of 2024, let us remember that each printed cotton saree we choose is an expression of our personal style and a nod to the artisans’ timeless craftsmanship. From bold, contemporary patterns to the revival of classic motifs, these sarees represent a confluence of tradition and modernity. They are not just garments but canvases that tell stories, evoke emotions, and celebrate individuality. So, drape yourself in the fabric of the future and be part of the trendsetting wave that is sweeping the fashion world.



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    Printed Cotton Sarees: The Hottest Trends and Designs for 2024. Printed Cotton Sarees: The Hottest Trends and Designs for 2024. Unveil Simplicity With Handloom Cotton Sarees For The Modern Bengali Bride. Ever wondered that amidst the extravagant sarees and décor purchased for a bride, there is something else she might crave? Wondering what it is? Among the razzmatazz of bright wedding sarees in silk, a few pieces of handwoven cotton create the right balance. If you are a bride-to-be and love sarees that speak of authenticity and reveal the artistic touches of workers and the heritage of India, buy handloom cotton sarees. Sometimes, every bride needs to stay away from embroidered and printed silks and embrace her love for threads. Truly speaking, every handwoven saree that you own will reveal the charm inside those beautiful weaves and preserve the cultural tradition of the country.

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