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Ageing: How Lifestyle and Diseases can age you

Lifestyle and Diseases

If you think you’re getting old too quickly or your friends begin to complain about your look, hmmm, there may be a problem somewhere.

There are many factors that could contribute to quick ageing, most especially your nutrition and lifestyle.

Note that stress is an important factor in the ageing process.

Are your kids making you fat?

Have you ever wondered what the disturbances from children got to do with your health?

Do you know that living with many kids can really have effects on your mental health?

I always make a joke that the class teachers for kindergartens would have become a child when the children mimic their teachers and I carefully listen to some things they say and wonder if adults have really said it to the children.

More so, it’s like having many children around you especially when they’re very stubborn, it can challenge your heart health as you’re likely going to go through much stress; also, elderly with kids at home eat almost 5 more grams of fat per day (including 1.7 grams of artery-clogging saturated fat), as revealed in Healthpally survey.

That’s almost when you add two slices of bacon to your breakfast every day. You don’t need to deprive kids of their favourite.

Instead, you can offer them rich food like pizza made by topping pita with marinara sauce and reduced-fat mozzarella.

It’s always possible kids will press you to buy them Candy and other sweet foods, just make sure you buy those that will not tempt you to eat them.

If not, you will just find yourself eating junk and sweetened foods than necessary.

Causes for concerns:

There are some common conditions such as high BP and Diabetes (Type 2) that can also cause damages to your eyes and thereby, age you since dysfunctional eyes are also characterised by ageing.

Losing eyes will even do more harm than in respect of vision as it will have overall effects on your wellbeing and activeness as a vibrant and healthy person.

In diabetes for example, the high sugar level in your blood and some other metabolic changes can cause damage to the blood vessels in the retina of the eyes, resulting in haemorrhages, scarring and sometimes loss of vision.

If you’re at risk of diabetes or high blood pressure, ensure you regularly go for a medical checkup and eye tests, most importantly, chaktty opined

Physical Ageing:

Problem with eyesight is characterised by ageing and it’s an inevitable part of ageing, along with wrinkles on the face and body skin.

In Nigeria, where many women, both black and light-skinned, use substandard toning creams, their skin is usually multicoloured and wrinkled even when they’re below age 40.

By the time people clock age 40, most people begin to have eyesight problems, especially viewing objects in the long-distance and they tend to focus more on nearby objects, especially in low light (Presbyopia).

This eyesight problem is usually caused by changes to the lens of the eye which made the eye become larger, stiffer and less able to focus light.

Presbyopia can be managed with the use of reading glasses or bifocals, healthpally doctor.

It is common that we tend to develop eye diseases as we age, especially when we’re above fifty years of age.

Age-related macular degeneration or AMD affects every one out of ten adults, usually between the age of 45 and 60 when the eye photoreceptor cells in the central part of the retina (the macular) die off.

These changes cause a loss of central and fine detail vision, making reading to become a very difficult task unless you use visual aid and some other activities are also becoming difficult to engage in.

Experts can not really ascertain the single cause of AMD but it has been traced to some genetic factors, so, if your family has a history of the condition, you should avoid other risk factors like smoking or obesity.



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