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Importance of quality clove oil and health benefits

clove oil and health benefits


When buying Clove oil, it is important to make sure that the essential oil is pure and natural in order to benefit from the true healing powers and can also produce a real effect.

100 percent natural pure oil is made from the flower buds of the spice clove tree and, among other things, also much milder than the oil which is made of stems and leaves.

In addition, one should always pay attention to an organic seal because it promises to be free of pollutants and, on the other, it should be ensured that the oil has been given certification, chaktty advised.

This is the only way you can be sure to get the highest quality when buying clove oil, he reaffirmed.

Clove oil storage

To protect clove oil from light, the oil is usually bottled in dark bottles because, once the essential oil is exposed to direct sunlight without being protected, it will quickly lose its excellent properties.

Therefore, it should not be in the blazing sun in the store but in a light-protected cool place.

The storage at room temperature is ideal. However, care should be taken in the summer that it is not exposed to high temperatures, as this will leave streaks.

Natural Pure oil is usually available in the market between 15 and 25 dollars per 100 ml.

Benefits of clove oil

Often, a mixture of different oils can also be purchased. Bergamot, lavender or Melissa are particularly suitable for this.

Of course, these oil mixes are not suitable for use in dental pain or for wound treatment.

Despite some complaints, The clove oil is an excellent essential oil when dosed correctly.

It not only relieves toothache but can kill germs, bacteria, and fungi within a few minutes.

Thus, it is an important helper for oral health, which should be in every house, especially where you have children.

Using the right dosage can hardly be done wrong.

In addition, the precious oil extracted from the blossoms of the spice clove tree is anti-inflammatory and disinfecting and thus helps in small wounds. Yet another aspect speaks for the purchase of oil.

Are there Side effects of Clove oil?

As with all essential oils, there may also be undesirable side effects and skin reaction with the oil.

Care should be taken, especially in children, pregnant women and also for the internal application.

Especially in the oil, due to its irritating effect, a low dosage must be observed.

Again, any side effect from taking clove oil is a result of the high dose which is taken for a long period of time, according to healthpally.

If you take the appropriate dose and follow the right guidelines, you’ll definitely have no problem-consuming clove oil.

Clove oil has an extremely low allergic reaction case and is generally much tolerated in the body.

Therefore, persons prone to allergies or persons with very sensitive skin should make a test before using oil, whether the essential clove oil is tolerated.

For this, a drop of clove oil should be used in the elbow region.

Usually, within an hour, you can see whether the oil is tolerated. If skin redness or skin reaction occurs, the application of clove oil should be avoided or talk to your doctor for advice on the best way to use it on your skin.

But above all, and this should not be forgotten when buying oil, the leaf oil is much more aggressive to the skin than the pure clove bud oil, healthpally.

Similarly, a clove oil treatment should be taken apart from taking aspirin or heparin, since eugenol slows down the activity of the aggregation. Treatment is also to be considered in the case of bleeding disorders.



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