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Ways to avoid inflight and travel booking frauds for safe travel

Ways to avoid inflight

When you plan for a vacation and book flight or train tickets, you cannot imagine becoming a victim of scams. The entire process of booking takes place on the basis of faith. You get ready to spend the needed money to purchase tickets.

Since the payments need to happen upfront, you go ahead with it without any second thought. The accomplishment of the purpose of payment is only possible when you board the flight for the vacation.

The common perception regarding travel scams is becoming a victim of pick-pocketing or snatching of valuable items by strangers. However, it can occur even before you reach the vacation spot and when least expected. Unknowingly, you can encounter a scamming session at the time of making reservations.

Such an unpleasant experience can take place when you have boarded the plane. Inflight theft can disappoint you and lead to an unending panic experience. However, if it is about a small amount of money which you think you can recover by getting loans while living on benefits from a direct lender, go for it.

Covering the loan payments concerning a trivial amount is not a great deal even when you depend on financial support from the government. In worst cases, you might even have to think of cancelling the vacation plan.

Therefore, your alertness can save you from many different situations and the rest you can search from this blog.

Preventive measures that can be lifesaving for you

You must create your own safety plan if you cannot avoid travelling on flights or trains. This should come in handy whenever you visit any public place. Extra caution is your biggest tool to be safe when strangers surround you, and you have to stay with them for longer.

Is inflight theft a real threat to passengers like you?

Yes, your valuables can go away forever, even if you have boarded the safest flight. You cannot even imagine how such an act can come to life as the chances of getting caught are high while the escape chances are negligible.

You will be surprised to know how skilfully they complete these tasks. They do this with such a finish that you do not even realise that a theft has really happened in your case. The reason is that you, as a traveller, never expect such things to occur and stay relaxed throughout the flight.

You can only discover the whole act of theft after leaving the flight and while taking the next step of the journey forward. Now, the main problem starts at this point, as getting back and convincing the authorities about these occurrences is really a tough call.

Even though you come to know about such happenings mid-flight, getting the robbed items back is very difficult. This is because you will be able to collect these items if you can prove this act. Such things happen oftentimes to passengers travelling on various national and international flights.

What should you do to keep your valuables safe and secure?

This must be the burning question in your mind as theft or financial scams while travelling can lead to the accumulation of huge debt. Recovering from it can be tougher and you might even have to resort to getting loans for 10000 pounds with an enormous amount of interest.

These scary thoughts can take your sleep away. Above all, becoming a victim of financial fraud might be a major hit to your finances. Despite planning and investing money for a long time, you have to face these unexpected situations that can make you go bankrupt.

Relax! You can do your bit to be safe from such scams. Find out what you can do in this case.

Lock your overhead luggage

Many passengers have this habit of leaving their overhead luggage unlocked. You must not forget that you are travelling in a shared space, and anyone can easily access your belongings in your absence. Besides, they can peek through your luggage if you suddenly fall asleep or are unmindful for some time.

You must not keep your bags unlocked unless you can always stay alert or have less luggage to keep with you. The best way to avoid this problem is by locking the bags ahead of keeping them in the overhead cabins. This way, you do not keep checking your luggage all the time.

Besides, you can place your luggage in the cabin that is situated on the opposite aisle. Keeping an eye on it would be easier for you without making your co-passenger uncomfortable by getting up to check the bags from time to time.

Avoid going to sleep

Flight travel can be hectic if your destination is far away. You will automatically feel sleepy when you are forced to sit in one place for a long time. Moreover, you might have the habit of falling asleep just after boarding the flight.

Try to be awake as long as possible by engaging yourself in different activities. Avoiding sleep is very difficult during long-haul flights. You must carry some books or play movies on your mobile phone to stay awake while travelling through flight.

However, if you cannot avoid sleep at any cost, carrying only essentials and no valuables should be your priority. Otherwise, you must lock your belongings carefully and properly to prevent unwanted theft or robbery.

Control your visits to the bathroom

If you are carrying your valuables in the cabin luggage, you must control your visits to the bathroom. This is because the fraudsters get an opportunity to steal your items when you are not around. Going to the bathroom frequently means providing them with a golden opportunity.

In case of emergency, try to carry them along with you. When you leave expensive items unattended, they are sure to grab the attention of the scammers.

The bottom line

Pre-flight scams are also real, but you can prevent them at the same time. Cross-check any deal that might seem unrealistic and alluring. Do your research ahead of spending your precious money on flight bookings.

Beware of flight check-in scams where you might receive suspicious mail on behalf of the airline.



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